About us

Monster Ramen is the brainchild of Katie Dong, a self-professed Ramen & Soup enthusiast. Her composed creations have almost become a language that speak for her love of Ramen, constantly developing flavors and textures that express her passion for cooking. We at Monster Ramen not only want to offer you the foremost product but also the best experience, enlightening our guests with the history and production of our in-house & handmade food items. Within Monster Ramen we showcase our NOODLE LAB providing our guests with the freshest and organic in-house made noodles. Slurp On and Enjoy.

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About Katie

Ambitious die-hard Chicagoan Katie Dong has been cooking since she was a young child. Also, with 20 plus years experience in Restaurant & Hospitality, she has combined her knowledge and in-depth background of Asian cuisine with her kitchen expertise to create masterful dishes that represent her culture and her driven culinary talent.

Cozy indoor seating


Cozy indoor seating, Takeout